Sunday, 20 April 2014

Rum & Raisin Tiramisu

Who doesn't love #Rum & Raisin? This is an awesome twist on this #Italian favourite. It is easy and great when you need a #dessert to go along way.  Suitable for 8 adult foodies lovers. Here we go ...
Rum & Raisin Tiramisu
3/4 cup raisins
1 cup dark rum + 2 tbsp
6 eggs at room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
500g mascarpone cheese
3/4 cup fresh orange juice
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Seeds scraped from 1 vanilla bean
24 -30 finger biscuits
Semi sweet chocolate, shaved

Place raisins and 2 tbsp rum in a dish, cover and microwave for 1 min, allow to cool
Beat egg yolks and sugar in a bowl  with an electric beater for 5 min until very thick and light yellow
Add mascarpone and mix on medium until smooth
With mixer on low add 1/2 cup rum, 1/4 cup juice, vanilla extract, seeds from bean and mix well
Pour remaining rum and orange juice into a shallow bowl
Dip one side of each biscuit and place one layer in a 9 x 11 inch oval dish
Break biscuits  and dish in liquid to fill any spaces
Sprinkle half soaked raisins evenly on top
Pour half mascarpone mix over and spread evenly
Repeat layers of dipped finger biscuits, soaked raisins and mascarpone mix
Smooth top, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight
Sprinkle with shaved chocolate or dust some cocoa powder over the top before serving