Sunday, 6 April 2014

Chocolate Strawberries

Okay this is so easy ... I am in two minds whether I should even blog it or not?
Left over milk chocolate + fresh strawberries from the market = delish TV dessert.  Suitable for 2 foodies lovers.  Here we go ...
Chocolate Strawberries

1 tub fresh strawberries
400g milk chocolate (leftovers from Christmas or Easter are just fine)

Rinse strawberries under cold water
Pat dry with kitchen towel
Sprinkle with a little castor sugar if you like
        (I use vanilla sweetner, because I have it)
Pour 2 inches of hot water in a pot
Place a glass bowl over to make a double boiler - make sure it does not touch the bottom of the pot
Add chocolate to the bowl and allow to melt
As chocolate starts to melt keep stirring until smooth
Remove from heat and dip strawberries into hot chocolate
Allow to cool on a baking rack
Keep at room temperature until ready to serve